Welcome to website for The Forsaken Order a US PSN/PC DCUO Hero League.

We welcome everyone to browse our public forums and apply for membership.  

We formed on 8/4/2016 by a group of 9 people who wanted something more than we were getting.  We typically have 8-16 on at nights and 3-8 on during the mornings.  We also have an alliance with several like minded guilds to help fill in missing roles.

We are looking for people of all skill sets and levels who are active and looking to help continue to build onto our family.  All members are expected to help each other and we request that if you join before you PUG a run you ask in League chat then alliance chat. 

One of our current focuses is getting league members increase in SP and CR, but mostly SP for the upcoming changes.  We run a monthly awards program for people who put in effort in the game and track members based on growth in PvP CR + PvE CR + SP from the 1st of the month or their numbers when they join (typically a few days after) we use these growth numbers to judge how well we are doing as a league.  You can see our progression in the League Information forums.

We do require everyone to create an account on the website and fill out an application.  This helps us know a little bit about the person joining our family and allows us to list your characters and keep track of who is who.  After the initial account is created you never need to visit the website again, however, we constantly post information that can help you in game and your encouraged to check frequently.

To view our league members you can click on this link.  Any new recruits that are inactive for 1 month will be removed from the league.  Removed toons may ask to come back when they become active.