Welcome to website for The Forsaken Order a US PSN/PC DCUO Hero League.
Updated: 2018-08-24

We welcome everyone to browse our public forums and apply for membership.  

We formed on 8/4/2016 by a group of 9 people who wanted something more than we were getting.  We typically have 8-16 on at nights and 3-8 on during the mornings.  We also have an alliance with several like minded guilds to help fill in missing roles.

We are looking for people of all skill sets and levels who are active and looking to join our "Mature" league / family.  All members are expected to help each other and we request that if you join before you PUG a run you ask in League chat then alliance chat.  Family before PUGs.

We don't discriminate on CR/SP, Just off the Ship or Vetern status.  We ask that you focus on getting more SP to help with new content.

We allow people to try us out but before becoming a full member we require an account on the website.  The reason we require this is so that people can't say they didn't know about anything going on in game.  MOTD only has so much space. It also gives people a place to request things that doesn't scroll away.  We don't see anything on the user account, we just see what you put in the app.

To view our league members you can click on this link.  Any new recruits that are inactive for 1 month will be removed from the league.  Removed toons may ask to come back when they become active.